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Sex & Relationship Therapy




  • I can't remember when we last had sex

  • I just don't enjoy sex anymore

  • Its all one way

  • I've got an issue I can't talk about

  • Why don't you talk to me anymore?

  • You just don't listen to me

  • All we do is fight and argue

  • We've lost what we had

  • Can we survive the affair?

  • Can I forgive you?

  • We've been unhappy for years

  • We can't go on like this

Sound familiar?  You are not alone. Relationship issues or sexual difficulties are more common than we think. All relationships go through challenges, we can be stuck in unhelpful and destructive patterns of thinking and behaving. Learning new ways to communicate, being able to listen effectively or find your voice to express yourself in your relationship can be life changing. 


Sexual issues, dysfunctions, or difficulties are just not talked about openly, yet they can affect many areas within our relationships and lives These can present as physical, or psychological.


Whether you are single, in a new relationship, or have been in one for many years, and at any stage of life, issues can be worked through, change can happen, you can be the person you want to be, your relationship can be loving, respectful, exciting, and fulfilling.

Sometimes though, however hard you try you may decide that your relationship has come to an end and as your Therapist I can work with you to facilitate the best ending possible. 

Therapy sessions are 60 minutes long and are charged at £90 in advance by bank transfer.

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